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Transfer Pricing
in Argentina

Download a guide with the main aspects regarding transfer pricing you should take into account when planning a transaction -or once one has been executed- between an Argentine company and a related party located abroad, or with parties located in low or no taxation jurisdictions or non- cooperative countries in the exchange of tax information.

Transfer Pricing in Argentina

Transfer Pricing in
LATAM and Spain

Our practice covers transfer pricing compliance and consulting for all LATAM and certain European countries, with a specialized transfer pricing team that has more than 20 years’ experience in the field. Our centralization in Argentina allows our clients to achieve economies of scale, obtain a uniform of criteria in economic analysis, streamline communication, facilitate the monitoring of projects and minimize the production and circulation of information.

Taxes in

What aspects of taxation should you keep in mind when planning an investment in Argentina?
Do not hesitate to contact us to keep you updated about the recent changes on the matter.


We are the first consulting firm in Argentina whose policy and business approach is to direct its services only and exclusively to companies that conduct international transactions. Our professional team is permanently trained and updated in transfer pricing, tax and currency exchange matters as applicable in connection with multinational groups of companies.

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