TP International Advisors is a consulting firm specialized in transfer pricing and Argentine and international taxation, made up of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the fields of Public Accounting, Economics, International Trade and Law.

TP International Advisors focuses on rendering professional consulting services on transfer pricing and taxation. Its professional team has vast experience advising multinational companies and has also assisted leading accounting and law firms in Argentina on their transfer pricing and taxation matters. Over the years, TP International Advisors has expanded its team to cover a variety of business areas, developing the professional skills of its staff to provide the highest quality standard of services in transfer pricing, auditing, accounting, outsourcing, currency exchange and labor matters, among other issues.

TP International Advisors at a glance (English)


TP International Advisors work policy and good business practices are founded on directing our services solely and exclusively to companies that engage in international transactions. Our aim is to focus the expertise and training of our teams on businesses that transcend the domestic sphere, providing highly professional consulting and compliance services, as we strive to constantly exceed our clients’ expectations, and encourage them to continue trusting and recommending TP International Advisors.

Our purpose is to provide our clients with the solutions they need to solve diverse and complex business situations, and to collaborate in the design of corporate policies to manage and minimize risks. At TP International Advisors we constantly seek to achieve efficiency in the communication and exchange of information with those who hire our services.

At TP International Advisorswe work as a team, in an excellent working environment. As a corporate policy we promote respect, solidarity, empathy and generosity among those who make up TP International Advisors, conveying these same values to our clients, so as to create an environment of warmth and trust in our relationships. Our approach is that of a boutique consulting firm specialized in transfer pricing, which fosters a personalized relation between our professionals and our clients.


Our goal is to provide professional services that bring real value to our clients, as we accompany them through the process of business start-up, restructuring, or daily compliance in Argentina. We aim to become their pillar of support at all times with our interdisciplinary team by focusing on the resolution of challenges and new projects, while safeguarding the quality of life and personal wellbeing.


Our guiding principle is to be a widely recognized company in the Argentine and international market for our high level of specialization in transfer pricing, tax and foreign exchange aspects of international business, and to be deemed as a professional reference by both clients and peers.